Linda Pellegrini

linda pellegrini

Born in Milan, after graduating from the Liceo Artistico Frattini in Varese, she studied applied art at the Istituto Superiore d'Arte del Castello Sforzesco in Milan, painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and History of Art at the Università Statale di Milano. She graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera..



"Layers" is the new event with which Almach Art Gallery, on the occasion of Milan Art Week 2022, presents the new works of the artist Linda Pellegrini.

The title well represents these artworks that, layer after layer, overlap without denying or covering themselves.


Notturno (attesa)
acrylic and pigments, silver leaf, gauze, wood
28 11⁄32in x 28 11⁄32in - 2022
acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
28 11⁄32in x 28 11⁄32in - 2022
Il rosso si muove
acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
28 11⁄32in x 28 11⁄32in - 2022
Mysterious works that should be observed from different points of view, at different distances, up to the closest ones, discovering from time to time new lights, new reflections and new forms, created by the semi-transparency of the outer surface that allows a glimpse of the background on which light and shadow chase each other in an infinite game.
Notte in Serbia
acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
78 47⁄64in x 60 5⁄8in - 2019
From monochrome blacks and grays, to reds, to blues, up to the impalpable whites slightly veiled, are all works to which must be devoted the right time of observation, to allow the eye to perceive all the emotions that slowly imprison the viewer.

Composizione in rosso e nero
acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
cm. 60×50 – 2022

She exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and Europe. She lives and works between Milan and Lake Maggiore.

Her works are in the collections of Panza di Biumo, Majdanek Muzeum of Lublin, Parisi-Valle of Rome, Achille Pace of Rome, van Dijken-Bianchi of Stresa.

Eclissi di luna
acrylic and pigments, silver leaf, metal leaf, gauze, wood
7 7⁄8in x 279⁄16in - 2022
Almach Art Gallery, more and more in the core of the contemporary art scene, continues with this exhibition the path to present artists with great potential to the attention of the cultural scene, in a space where painters, sculptors and photographers, collectors and simple fans can confront each other to bring back to life that sparkling air that was breathed in the golden age of the international art movement.

Luca Temolo Dall’Igna

acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
28 11⁄32in x 28 11⁄32in - 2022

acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
15 3⁄4in x 27 9⁄16in - 2022

Gli ultimi bagliori del giorno
acrylic and pigments, gauze, wood
11 13⁄16in x 11 13⁄16in - 2021

About his work have written: Francesco Poli, Rolando Bellini, Licia Spagnesi, Leo Strozzieri, Giuseppe Vittorio Parisi.


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