Almach Art is a project born in 1995 by Luca Temolo Dall'Igna. And today it is also an art gallery that aims to promote artists and events dedicated to art.

The spirit that animates us has led us to create an environment where artists, collectors and simple enthusiasts can exchange opinions and confront each other, to better understand the artworld and bring back to life that sparkling air that was breathed during the golden age of the international art movement.

We believe that, today more than ever, art must recover its role as a stimulus and contribution to the "well-being" and "development" of the human being. We therefore want to recover the pleasure of experiencing art, both from the part of those who create it, and from those who enjoy it through the vision or possession of works of art.

The Art we deal with wants to be universal and without geographical or temporal boundaries. Hence, in the years to come, as in the past, you will be able to participate in events dedicated to modern art with the re-evaluation of important artists, contemporary art with established masters and young promises, up to the 19th century and ancient art, which still today boast numerous admirers. Particular attention will also be given to sculpture and photography, which deserve greater visibility than is sometimes reserved for them.

To do this we have taken particular care of our spaces, with the use of non-toxic paints, without formaldehyde and capable of absorbing and neutralizing over 90% of the pollutants present in the air. The flooring is in oil treated oak. The lighting is completely LED, for an energy saving of around 80%, but with a color rendering of the main lighting bodies higher than CRI 98.

We also want the stay during the visit to be a pleasant experience.


Our team for You

Director and curator

Luca Temolo Dall’Igna – Art for life



Vittoria Basile 

Gallery assistant & Social media creator

Emanuele Garlando

Contemporary art

Anna Pennati – Pure artist



Barbara Basile – Young Art Hunters



Elia Panori – Young Art Hunters


Progetti speciali

  • Sarah Lanzoni


Via Gaudenzio Ferrari 3
+39 02 39287513

Open Hours

Tue-Sat: 10.30am-1pm | 4-7pm
Mon | Sunday: closed
Others by appointment