"Here - elsewhere, we are an island".

... "But what is this flash of happiness that makes me tremble, restores my strength, life? I beg your pardon, sweetest creatures: I did not understand, did not know. How right it is to accept you, to love you. And how simple it is!"...

A phrase spoken by Marcello Mastroianni and borrowed from 8½, the masterpiece of the greatest "artist" of cinema, Federico Fellini, in the film referring to the feminine universe, allows us to explain what happens after a while of "frequenting" Carin's fantastical world.
The truth that Carin tells with her works is this: accepting all her characters, even the most grotesque ones, teaches us to love the entire creation, giving and receiving strength and life in return, in the most natural way possible.
Free from the logic of the art market, which courts and seeks her, only meeting her when she grants herself, Carin Grudda presents today the full maturity of her artistic evolution: bronze sculptures of every dimension, oil paintings, assemblages, and even engravings realized with the most challenging of techniques, drypoint.

sweetest creatures

I met Carin Grudda as one could meet a kindred spirit, so it would be more accurate to say that I have found a person who is part of a universe in which souls with common aspirations and sensibilities live.
Looking at her artworks, at first glance, one is amazed because, still unfamiliar, we face her fantastic creativity. Hercharacters seem to come from "different" worlds, sometimes distant, others hidden within us. They walk through the woods and meadows, peering over the shores where the waves crash in a continuous and unstoppable dialogue. Often tiny, hiding among the blades of grass, but also enormous figures, like the characters from the fairy tales of our childhood, innocent and still "pure".
Here, this purity of childhood is slowly and relentlessly awakened in us by looking at Carin Grudda's works. However, it is a mature, conscious innocence that transports us to live in her world, allowing us to perceive long dormant sensations.

“Bella ciao”

2017 – 92 x 60 x 35 cm


“Misses Lumpe”

2017 – 85 x 47 x 30 cm


“Il primavera blues”

olio su legno
2020 – 1,80 x 1,80 cm

“Imbarcato, fuga in barca volante”

olio su legno
2022 – 74,5 x 60 cm

 The inherent authenticity of animals, which fascinates me, and which is increasingly rare to find in human beings.
Moreover, I love animals, the way they adapt to increasingly challenging environments and how they cope with it all without any complaints, pretentiousness, or grudges... If you want, it may be a romantic approach: the zebra simply crossed my path or happened to come into my life.

During a commissioned project in Namibia, while conducting research, I came across ancient rock drawings (approximately 3,000-10,000 BC) in the Tsodilo Hills area, Botswana.
When I discovered her among all the lions, giraffes, antelopes, and aborigines, I immediately fell in love with her and adopted her. She is MY "unicorn", my mythical creature, as if I had lived 3,000 years ago and had felt and found her drawing myself.

“Zebra – da sola sul campo vasto”

2023 – 100 x 125 x 24 cm

“Zebra – da sola sul campo vasto”

olio su tavola
2023 – 90 x 115 cm

All assemblages are closely related to the Roman foundry:
The very first bronze was born from an assembly, the "Elepardo", an artifact found on the beach, which I had put on four wheels.
Afterwards, I came across the old boards on which the models were transported to the foundry.
They always bore signs of subsequent works, whether they were sanding, plastering, or burn marks.
These "tableaux" fascinated me because they told the story of their long artistic life, or rather the fact that they had been dedicated to art. They were already originals in and of themselves.


olio su legno
2023 – 56 x 35,7 x 2,2 cm

Not only sculpture is an attitude towards life; art is in general: the way a person (and the artist as their representative) exists in the world. And how they manage to endure it.
The change in size or proportion of real measurements sometimes makes the invisible visible, that is, the essence or being.
Take, for example, the magnificent "Blau Miau", the four meters by five meters cat. It transforms man into a mouse – on one hand, but it also reveals the touching and absurd self-overestimation of a small cat, fearlessly facing the colossal man or even an automobile.

“Signora con uccello”

2021 – 37 x 25,5 x 11 cm

“Nel blu dipinto di blu”

oil on canvas
2019 – 136 x 157 cm

Anna Pennati - El Sueno

“Noi siamo un’isola”

olio su legno
2019 – 41,5 x 89 cm


"Here and elsewhere - We are an island" is the title of the exhibition: a place where everyone can land, from every direction as only an island can allow, open to every soul and free spirit, who will find nourishment and comfort here.

Luca Temolo Dall'Igna


2022 – 20 x 28,5 x 6,5 cm


2021 – 23,5 x 7 x 4,5 cm

“Zebra – da sola sul campo vasto”

2023 – 22 x 27 x 4,5 cm


puntasecca – A.P. – 2005 – 125 x 95 cm

In volo
bronzo – E.A.II/IV – 2017 – 55 x 40 x 15 cm

“Zebra – da sola sul campo vasto”

Olio e Tecnica mista su tela
2023 – 90 x 115 cm


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