Painting a white space where nothing is drawn:

this is the most difficult task of painting.

Ike no Taiga

The unattainability of absolute whiteness from a painterly point of view finds allegorical confirmation in Western culture, which associates it with otherworldly dimensions. The contribution of each artist in the exhibition was therefore exceptionally ambitious and challenging. "All the Colors of White" in Almach Art Gallery represents a moment when the sum of the energies of each work on display will bring the viewer closer to the perception of absolute white.

Physics teaches that the color white is the positive sum of red, yellow and blue.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe argued, however, that the colori could not only be explained mechanically, but that they should also be reflected in poetics, aesthetics and psychology. In yoga exercises visualizing white during meditation is powerful sign of achieving a connection with one's higher self and entering a phase of spiritual awakening..


Adam gabriel, olio su tela, 100×100

(a sinistra)

carin grudda, puntasecca, 125×95 (a destra)


from the left

Kyoji Nagatani, scultura in ceramica, 1984, 28 x 11 x 12 cm,

Anna Spagna, tecnica mista, 2021, 120 x 80

Corrado Ferrante, tecnica mista, 2023, 10 x 88 x 7 cm


Luciano Castellano


ceramica e bronzo – 1994 – 37 x 24 x 11 cm

Federico Lemoine – ceramiche (in primo piano).

Several twentieth-century artists developed reflections regarding its symbolic meaning. For Kandinsky, "it strikes as a great silence that seems absolute," it is a silent color in which sound is minimized.

Given the importance of White in the history of art, Almach Art Gallery asked 17 artists from Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany and Japan to interpret this color through painting, sculpture, printmaking and video art, resulting in works where contrasts and associations help us perceive its meaning..

Daniela Gullotta

tecnica mista su tela – 2023 – 90 x 70 cm

"White Painting on a White Ground" (1918) is also considered the most representative artwork of Kazimir Malevic's geometric research. The square, which seems to move within the composition, fades into a dimension that cannot be perceived with the senses, and white becomes the place where the artist achieves the absolute and the pure energy of the cosmos.

Augusta Bariona

Il Tempo

tecnica mista su tela – 2010 – 78 x 62 cm

Almach Art Gallery's public increasingly appreciates our work, which alongside the classic work of an art gallery, promotes continuous research into new trends and new proposals, without ever neglecting the support and rediscovery of the great artists of the past.

lucio perna

città assolute
t.m. su tela – 2019 -100 x 130 x 21 cm 

Anna Pennati

White series n. 1
tecnica mista su tela- 2023 – 50 x 50 cm

Anna Pennati - El Sueno

Salvador Aulestia

Ciudad Apotelesmatica
Ceramica smaltata – 1972 – 29 x 38 x 6 cm


Artists exhibited: Salvador Aulestia, Augusta Bariona, Luciano Castellano, Corrado Ferrante, Adam Gabriel, Daniela Gullotta, Carin Grudda, Frédéric Lemoine, Kyoji Nagatani, Elia Panori, Linda Pellegrini, Anna Pennati, Lucio Perna, Filippo Rossato, Rodolfo Sanchéz, Ariel Soulé, Anna Spagna.

Luca Temolo Dall'Igna

Kyoji Nagatani

ceramica – 1984 – 28 x 11 x 12 cm

Elia Panori

tecnica mista su tavola – 2023 – 60 x 60  cm

Adam Gabriel

olio su tela – 2023 – 100 x 100 cm

Rodolfo Sanchez

corian – 2023 – 32 x 25 x 25  cm

Carin Grudda


puntasecca – A.P. – 2005 – 125 x 95 cm

Carin Grudda

In volo
bronzo – E.A.II/IV – 2017 – 55 x 40 x 15 cm

Ariel Soulé

La Visita
olio su tela – 2023 – 100 x 70 cm

Linda Pellegrini

Il tempo sospeso
tecnica mista su tela – 2023 – 80 x 60 cm

In 1960s Italy, Lucio Fontana launched himself into infinity with his cuts, an expression of a strong spirituality, epitomized by the Sala Bianca at the 1966 Venice Biennale.


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