6218 K


6218 Kelvin

"I had left the visible, physical blue at the door, outside, in the street. The real blue was within, the blue of the depth of space, the blue of my realm, our realm!...the immaterialization of blue, the colored space that you can't see but with which you are permeated."

Yves Klein (1928-1962) – Sorbonne – 1959

6218 K, where K stands for Kelvin, is the "temperature" of the IKB - International Klein Blue, in this case observed by heating a metal or as we can observe from the combustion of a star, in the moment when the highest temperatures are reached.

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Artworks by:



Salvador Aulestia

Umberto Mariani

Kyoji Nagatani

Elia Panori

Anna Pennati

Lucio Perna

Sonia Scaccabarozzi

Ariel Soulé

Anna Spagna

The transformation of lead into gold is an ancient science to which man has applied himself since ancient times.

With his "leads", Umberto Mariani transcends and transforms lead into a liquid-shaped cloth, coloring it with intense pigments that increase its depth.

Is this perhaps the true transformation? The achievement of a spiritual "gold", here well represented by the intense blue that irresistibly attracts us.


“senza titolo” – 1981
vinilico, sabbia su lamina di piombo – 65 x 40,5 cm

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A work of rare intensity and structure, this landscape places subjects on multiple levels.

The man and the seagull, portrayed in two small screens, seem to have emerged from another dimension, emphasized by the hole drawn on the canvas.

The sea and the sky are the protagonists here in a cosmic sense, a blue that envelops and contains everything.

"anthropomorphic landscape" - 1981
mixed media on canvas - 15 3⁄4in x 19 11⁄16in

€ 8.500
"Returning from a trip from Japan, while flying over the Alps, I saw sheets of water with an incredible shade of blue.

As soon as I landed I went to my smelter and we worked, trying different types of oxides, until we found one that gave me the same feeling.

The title reminds us that the emotion that color arouses in us is a gift, in this case from Neptune."


"Neptune's gift" - 2021
bronze - 7 3⁄32in x 9 27⁄32in x 5 33⁄64in

€ 9.800
My blue comes from meditation. Images that form on the surface of the water as well as in my mind.

A continuous vision in a journey that took me to the unconscious.

“B” – 2022
video – 14 min.

NFT $ 2.000
Je suis le Bleu, because in the 18th century blue was the color of the King, here recalled by the gold of the background, and like the King blue is the protagonist, positioning itself in this abstract space in a dominant position.

The shape in the upper left corner resembles a U, signifying the sound that Blue makes when pronounced.

This work continues the search for archetypes of forms, colors, sounds and ideas, which Anna Pennati has been elaborating for many years with increasingly exciting results.

“Je suis le Bleu” – 2022
acrylic on canvas - 15 3⁄4in x 11 13⁄16in

€ 2.100
Lucio Perna creates shapes that remind us of the waves of an otherworldly sea, on which islands rise, distant worlds in evolution.

It can be observed in two senses: as patches of land seen from space or as distant galaxies silhouetted in the deep universe.

"the preciousness of subtracted time" - 2021
mixed media on canvas - 15 3⁄4in x 19 11⁄16in

€ 1.800

What is so special about blue? It's a color that transcends, takes us to the immaterial, to the spiritual. It leads us to meditate, to look beyond the surface, to imagine and discover new worlds.

Sky and sea, two worlds that are alien to us, in which we participate, we cross them, but in which we cannot survive.

We are drawn towards the infinite, the unknown, until we re-enter our unconscious, in a continuous spiral.

A vivid blue, dazzling as the sea in summer, which surrounds the boiling arena on which lies a figure with undefined edges due to the strong glare.

A refreshing freshness then, which calms our fiery thoughts, making us more conscious and able to create ideas, which the geometry of the forms express in an unequivocal orthogonal way.

“Azùl?” – 2022
oil on canvas - 39 3⁄8in x 27 9⁄16in

€ 6.800
A golden ray crosses Anna Spagna night blue.

It shows us an evolutionary path towards the immaterial, the true wealth that we can find in us, microcosmic beings that can however contain the indefinable infinite.


"Luminous paths" - 1992
Mixed media on canvas - 31 1⁄2in x 39 3⁄8in

€ 2.400
A waterfall of crystal clear water on the material plane.

A window to the unknown, to the ideal plane.

A monolith of stone from outer space, revealing its intense blue that transports us to an incredibly fascinating spiritual world.

Almost a "cult" object then, on which to meditate, with which to find ourselves.


“Trame 2.22” – 2022
acrylic on paper and concrete - 20 55⁄64in x 7 31⁄64in x 7 7⁄8in

€ 1.600
6218 K represents here the forge work of our artists, who, reaching very high "artistic temperatures", lead us to perceive sensations of a higher level than tangible matter.
Luca Temolo Dall'Igna


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