473 teraherz

"Color is a medium to exert a direct influence on the soul.
The eye is the gavel.
The soul is a piano with many strings.
The artist is the hand that with this or that key brings the soul to vibrate."

Vassilij Kandinskij - The Spiritual in Art - 1912

the exhibition

Artworks by:

Salvador Aulestia

Kyoji Nagatani

Elia Panori

Linda Pellegrini

Anna Pennati

Lucio Perna

Ariel Soulé

Anna Spagna

Salvador Aulestia brings the red of his country, Spain, hot and sometimes almost violent.

In this landmark work from 1970, color envelops the drawing of the mother, with the face of the future unborn child, in an amniotic fluid that hypnotizes.

"Maternity - 1970"
mixed media on board - 19 11/16 x 27 9/16 in.

€ 5.800

The bronze shape is here grafted by Kyoji Nagatani with a red "grenade" applied by heating the metal to sprinkle it with an oxide that penetrates and becomes part of it.

"Noah's Ark" - 2015
bronze - 8 21/32 x 11 27/64 x 8 17/64 in

€ 9.800

Elia Panori presents this video that contains 5 moments of his experience that lead back to the sensations of red.

“R” – 2022
video – 14 min.

NFT € 2.500

The color red is for Linda Pellegrini a shade of the soul, which can be glimpsed through a thin but dense veil.

Four gestures, strong, decisive, observing the work for a long time, appear more and more lit, like a fire burning from the embers.

"Composition in red" - 2022
mixed media on board - 23 5/8 x 19 11/16 in

€ 1.650

Anna Pennati transports us into a pure Red that irresistibly attracts us inside.

Primordial vibration, detaches from the conceptually evolved, yet neutral background.

A color icon.

"Red epiphany" - 2022
acrylic on canvas - 15 3/4 x 11 13/16 in

€ 2.100

473 teraherz is the vibrational frequency of the color red, the one that affects our sight in the same way that the musical note DO stimulates our hearing.
The analogies of the color red are countless, some obvious, others more hidden, but the main result of all of them is to "stimulate" in a rather "bright" way all our senses up to our animic and spiritual being.
It is a color that should not be abused, but well balanced and in the right dose is essential, especially in times when you need more charge and energy.

Like explosions on the surface of the sun, the folds, the weaves, the shadows created by Lucio Perna warm us to the core.

Almost an infrared penetrates under the skin, making passion and courage rise in us.

"Floating Boundaries" - 2015
mixed media on canvas - 19 11/16 x 27 9/16 in

€ 2.400

Ariel Soulé cages color in a grid from which forms appear transcendent and ethereal.

The eye is guided here, first distracted and then disciplined in a highly musical work.

“Studio 2 – Paranoia” – 2015
oil on canvas - 27 9/16 x 39 3/8 in
€ 6.800

As round as a planet.

Red as Mars.

Gold like the Sun

Strength, determination, grandeur and generosity in all that he accomplishes.

Perhaps an ideal self-portrait that Anna Spagna has unconsciously realized, as often happens to artists, while they create absorbed by thousands of ideas.

“Refolo Barocco” – 2004
mixed media on canvas - dim. 31 1/2 in

€ 2.400

We have chosen, among the works of the artists of Almach Art, those works that contain as a basis the red and its energy, in each interpreted with its own sensitivity.

Luca Temolo Dall'Igna


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