Salvador Aulestia – Timeless Women


In collaboration with the master's archive, 25 totally unpublished works dating from 1986 to 1990 were selected.

They represent the peak of the artist's 'Milanese' period.

These works are entirely dedicated to the female universe.

"Timeless women', elaborated and celebrated in their archetypal, symbolic, emotional aspect and always the main subject of his works.

This search is evident, even though it may seem paradoxical, in his paintings of naked women or bare breasts.

Works in which eroticism is merely apparent as the nude is used as a form and expression of an idea that transcends the vehicle of the anecdote that represents it.

In fact, this theme, as Salvador Aulestia does, is a personal version of the 'apple of Eve' that hides and explains the meaning of Genesis.

Women do not need to create something, as men do, because they can create life.



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