Salvador Aulestia – Giuseppe Verdi

A passion for music and opera led to the idea of creating a cycle of works dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi.

Salvador Aulestia does not just portray, but studies and analyses Verdi from many different angles. From life to psychology and from physiognomy to musical compositions. He thus manages to enter fully into the character.

He creates works dedicated to Verdi, interpreting him according to his own expression and through all the isms of painting and drawing.

From objective realism to abstraction, cubism to dadaism, post-impressionism, metaphysics and many more. It concludes with the apotheism of which Salvador Aulestia was the founder with his 1963 manifesto.

Through an itinerary full of evocative images and reflections, the spectator is led to a better understanding of the personalities of Giuseppe Verdi as a musician and Salvador Aulestia as an artist.

We will being able to scroll through the different isms of modern art history, making this exhibition interesting for both enthusiasts and school students.

Salvador Aulestia - Giuseppe Verdi futurista
Salvador Aulestia - Giuseppe Verdi apotista

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