Salvador Aulestia – 100 years

The exhibition aims to celebrate a true “genius” of the twentieth century on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth. You will be able to discover real masterpieces by the Spanish master, perhaps the best of its production. A staggering collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, volumes out of print, sketches and unpublished musical plays.

An exceptional travel through the entire artistic career of Salvador Aulestia that at different stages crossed multiple forms of expression. From a figurative beginning, in the 40s he achieve the first abstract works which are then reinterpreted throughout his career up to the masterworks of 1979 such as “Catalunya Comtat Gran” (1979 - 160x120cm) or the fantastic series of the magical teraphim sculptures.

Over 150 selected works. Sizes ranging from a few great masterpieces of 200x160cm to smaller paintings, as well as drawings and sculptures up to 2 meters high. The exhibition will be completed with books, photographs, video and musical compositions of the artist himself.

Salvador Aulestia Cataluna contat gran
Salvador Aulestia at Palazzo Reale

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