Anna Pennati – Rosae, Rosarum, Rosis


A unique subject, the ROSE, seen in it's various aspects or symbolical meanings. A production of works based on the origin of the rose in a mystical, magical, spiritual, ancestral, and symbolic sense. I have tried to go beyond the classical iconographies, wanting to perceive the origin of the origin, going beyond the known symbolic aspect, and realizing my visions on the subject. So were born the artworks that You can see.

Anna Pennati


We could quote it endlessly, right up to the most recent novelists or poets, sometimes trivialised in material terms, often sung about for its beauty, but in the end always admired with respect. We owe so much to this flower, for the inspiration it has given us and that it will bring us, that we perhaps have to stay, in silence, to observe, to feel, to perceive, to let ourselves be carried away.



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