Fulvio Roiter - the canticle of the creatures

MMonographic exhibition, the twenty-five photographs that Fulvio Roiterone of the most admired masters of Italian photography, has collected over more than fifty years to "illustrate" the Canticle of the Creatures by Saint FrancisTwenty-five masterpieces that tell of Man's amazement at the immensity of Creation, the beauty of Nature, the horror of suffering and the fear of death. Contemplating them by reading the verses that accompany them, and that inspired them, means immersing oneself in Franciscan thought..

In 1954, Roiter left for Gubbio to produce a photographic book on Umbria. The plan was for the book to end with a photographic reading of the Canticle of the CreaturesThe book won the Nadar Prize, an important award for photography, and was the first in a very long series of books that have made Roiter one of the best-known Italian photographers in the world.

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