Simbolo della primavera che rimette in moto tutte le energie del creato.

Probabilmente mai come in questo momento sentiamo ribollire in noi questa forza, che non vede l’ora di potersi esprimere attraverso la nostra attività, i nostri movimenti, i nostri pensieri, la nostra vita.

Quella che presentiamo oggi è la mostra di primavera, che attraverso le opere d’arte dei nostri artisti, vuole liberarene le emozioni facendoci viaggiare tra i mondi simbolici di Anna Pennati e Ariel Soulé, le città surrogate di Lucio Perna, il ferro siderale di Francesco Virgata e il caldo bronzo di Kyoji Nagatani, con la freschezza dei lavori dei nostri giovani, Leonardo Manzoni ed Elia Panori, il tutto cullato e protetto dallo sguardo profondo del maestro Salvador Aulestia.


Un viaggio infinito attraverso tutti questi mondi, così diversi, ma appartenenti tutti all’universo artistico che idealmente li unisce.

Ecco, questo ci auguriamo: che questa mostra, per quanto al momento visibile solo attraverso uno schermo, ci permetta di far viaggiare i nostri pensieri liberi, fino a farci incontrare tutti nuovamente e in modo fisicamente tangibile, nei nostri spazi.

L’evento viene presentato in contemporanea su tutte le principali piattaforme di streaming e social, quali Youtube, Facebook, Instagram ecc.

Buona visione a tutti.



Francesco Virgata, an artist with whom we have been collaborating for over 20 years, will present one of his spectacular and historic welded iron sculptures from 1998 entitled "butterflies" for the particular vibration it has as soon as you touch it, as well as a work on wood from 2020.

Francesco Virgata
Iron - 88 37⁄64in x 23 5⁄8in x 19 11⁄16in

Euro 5.800

Francesco Virgata
“Strappi di notizie in bianco”
mixed media on wood panel - 31 1⁄2in x 23 5⁄8in

Euro 1.400

Anna Pennati
Ink on cardboard - 106 19⁄64in x 94 31⁄64in

Euro 7.500

Anna Pennati
“Endless line – K488”
mixed media on canvas - 35 7⁄16in x 35 7⁄16in

Euro 4.500

Anna Pennati
"The Race"
mixed media on canvas - 39 3⁄8in x 59 1⁄16in

Euro 6.000


The mainstay of our proposals, she shows us his eclecticism through a selection of works ranging from the spectacular huge cardboard dedicated to the "oracles" to the more recent series of "sublimations", the result of years of research, passing through "endless lines" through "like butterflies" of 2011 to "the race" of 2010 in a retrospective journey backwards.

Anna Pennati
Sublimation N. 19
mixed media on canvas - 31 1⁄2in x 31 1⁄2in

Euro 3.500

Anna Pennati
ink on cardboard - 11 13⁄16in x 35 7⁄16in

Euro 1.500 cad.

Anna Pennati
Like Butterflies
mixed media on canvas - 31 1⁄2in x 27 9⁄16in

Euro 3.600

Ariel Soulé
"Clouds n. 3"
oil on canvas - 27 9⁄16in x 19 11⁄16in

Euro 4.500


Ariel Soulé's oil painting "La luce del sabato" (The light of Saturday) is a large canvas with a remarkable presence. The division of the surface into sectors allows us to appreciate even more the communicative scheme that the artist has been pursuing in recent years with increasing depth. Argentinean by origin, Milanese by adoption, a citizen of the world like all artists, he has also created "Le nuvole N3" (Clouds N3) especially for us.

Ariel Soulé
"Saturday's light"
oil on canvas - 66 59⁄64in x 66 59⁄64in

Kyoji Nagatani
bronze and brass - 19 11⁄16in x 27 9⁄16in x 19 11⁄16in

Euro 5.800

Kyoji Nagatani
"Arc of time"
bronze - 43 5⁄16in x 7 31⁄64in x 9 1⁄16in

Euro 21.500


Also present since the opening of our spaces, he never fails to amaze and support us with our exclusive works such as "Ab Initio" and "Astrolabium", where the bronze is suspended between the rotating arches, creating an irresistible hypnotic effect, and with his historical works such as "triad" and "arco del tempo".

Kyoji Nagatani
bronze - 11 27⁄64in x 9 29⁄64in x 4 23⁄32in


Much appreciated by our collectors, Lucio Perna continues his search for his "surrogate cities", places in which an ideal society needs, at the very least, to explore the reasons for its limitations, to assess them in their proper scope, to grasp and understand changes in the social fabric, to develop a critical judgement whether affirmative or negative.

Lucio Perna
“Città surrogate” – 2019
mixed media on canvas - 27 9⁄16in x 19 11⁄16in x 3 35⁄64in

Euro 2.400

Lucio Perna
“Città surrogate” – 2019
mixed media on canvas - 15 3⁄4in x 15 3⁄4in x 1 3⁄16in

Euro 1.600

Lucio Perna
"Pages from a Bidonville" - 2020
mixed media on canvas - 7 7⁄8in x 7 7⁄8in each


He is one of our young artists with great potential, in whom we are investing because we are convinced of the goodness and sincerity of his work, which is naive in some respects and fauve in others. An untamable but profound spirit, constantly searching for himself, who has already given us a great deal of satisfaction.

Leonardo Manzoni
“Senza titolo” – 2020
mixed media on canvas - 27 9⁄16in x 19 11⁄16in

Euro 450


Elia Panori, also a young man in our programme, is already more than a promise, given the numerous exhibitions to which he has been invited and the continuous research he puts into his work. Works that follow a common line, quality, through continuous experimentation with techniques and materials. As well as being a plastic artist, he is also a musician, viideomaker and whatever else stimulates his creativity, without any reverential fear of the market, which is beginning to demand him with increasing insistence.

Elia Panori
“Visione dell’iride”
mixed media on canvas - 15 3⁄4in x 35 7⁄16in

Euro 750

Elia Panori
mixed media - 22 41⁄64in x 32 9⁄32in

Euro 650

SALVADOR AULESTIA (Barcelona 1915 – Milano 1994)

Finally, we conclude with two works "infiltrated" in this context, because they are by an artist who has now disappeared, but with whom we have a unique relationship by managing his archive: Salvador Aulestia, born in Barcelona in 1915 and who died in Milan in 1994. We present here "Declinazione di una realtà sporadica", an oneiric oil on canvas from 1981, and an incredible "still life" in a Figurative Postcubist style. Important works...a small preview of an important exhibition that will soon be dedicated to him.

Salvador Aulestia
“Declinazione di una realtà sporadica”
acrylic on canvas - 27 9⁄16in x 19 11⁄16in

ask for price

Salvador Aulestia
acrylic on canvas - 23 5⁄8in x 31 1⁄2in

ask for price

The work we are presenting online is based on works that are actually on display in the gallery, although it is dutifully closed at the moment. The works you can admire have been photographed beforehand and in some cases inserted through long, precise and careful computer work, virtually on the walls of our spaces.
The "Viewing Rooms" operation is in any case part of our project and was already planned with the "physically tangible" exhibitions. It will continue with even greater vigour after the emergency, because we believe that it is a means of developing the enormous potential of our artists also abroad, for those people who would have difficulty reaching us.
The 'REAL' work of art remains unattainable in terms of the energy that its direct visual and physical contact can transmit, and therefore anyone who finds a work by an artist that is particularly close to their own personality, or that creates 'thought' when observing it, will obviously always be able to buy it to enjoy it to the full.
,Anche per questo episodio dobbiamo ringraziare Barbara Ludovina Basile ed Elia Panori fondatori di YAH – Young Art Hunters, che hanno prodotto il video con il contributo di Vittoria Luisa Basile e un grazie speciale va ad Anna e Marco Marcolungo, che fin dall’inizio collaborano e ci sostengono in questa avventura.

L’evento viene presentato in contemporanea su tutte le principali piattaforme di streaming e social, quali Youtube, Facebook, Instagram ecc.


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