Almach is an idea of Luca Temolo Dall'Igna.

Born in Thiene, near Vicenza, he’s 49 years old and lives in Milan.

Son of poet and son of an artist, lives art as a natural condition and essence of life, He buy his first painting when he was five years old and developes a sense of love and protection to artists and to the works of art that is still today his leading path.

During his travels in Switzerland, Barcelona, the Algerian desert and other fascinating places he has absorbed different cultures and assimilated five languages.

He graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. Studies of economics and corporate finance.

With the arrival of the new millennium he began to work for the realization of the BCC Museum in Milan of which was named Executive Director (CEO) from 2001 to 2006.

The BCC (Capuchin’s Cultural Heritage) is born, having al purpose the establishment of a museum network to protect and make available the cultural and artistic heritage of the Capuchin’s Frair Order. Appointed as a member of the general committee in Rome.

Collaborate for the exhibition space of the museums in Milan, Genoa, Assisi and Reggio Emilia.

Curator of exhibitions and events at the above offices in Milan, Genoa and Assisi.

Adviser for the functional recovery of various sites and for the protection and conservation of relevant works of art.

Curator of over 35 museum exhibitions and about 50 for artists, companies, public and private galleries.

Published more than 12 books, including exhibition catalogs and translation of ancient books.

Journalist. He has written articles for magazines about history / architecture, business / marketing, and art.

Vegetarian, but not intransigent, he doesn’t resist straightening a slanted painting, and to imagine how nice it would to enhance details with perfect lighting.



Professionalism and adaptability are the watchwords.

For this purpose, it uses a selected network of collaborators, chosen from among the most respected professionals, working with dozens of companies, taking advantage of businesses and artisans with proven skills and experience.